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Back in business

Hi All. – aka this site  is back from the ColdSleep(TM) chmaber, which was a necessary thing due to death of our previous hardware. Lessons learnt  – backups fixed, redudnt disks sourced, monitoring enabled and logged. More about the setup and other juicy details later    

Technolgy is wonderful. Until it is not.

Technology is such a wonderful thing, until it it not. As some of you might know, I am overseas. Travelling across Europe. Taking a lot of pictures, and generally enjoying myself. The problem arose a few days ago, in a small German town called Deggendorf. The older, smallish 250GB HDD in my laptop started misbehaving …

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mysql backup script goodness

The VRL bolg server now has a new backup script that does: dump of all of the databases from a mysql instance sha256 checksumming of db backups sha256 checksumming tarballs of multiple db backups gpg encryption of the tarballs once they are assembled deletion of backup  files and other files older than 14 days

converting music file formats

Today I needed to convert a whole pile of flac and MP3 files to ogg, and to rename them to match a certain naming convention. 2 small shell scripts and about an hour or runtime later, it is done. I will post the scripts here in the next few days

Research – for the win.

A spot of research can help to solve any number of problems. In this particular instance the new AAF website was having issues with the newsletter generator. It seems to be crashing when it was trying to manage the subscriber list. However a quick bug report and a spot of reading of the bug history …

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The new plugin

In order to make my life easier, I have decided that automation is the best solution is to automate the process of exporting blog posts from my private WordPress and into my LiveJournal and eventually, I think, also to the (evil) facebook. Well, lets see how well this works… and if people can comment…

Sysadmin: authenticated email submission

Recently I had the need to configure secure authenticated email submission on one of the systems I look after. Currently I look after a number of email servers that follow the standard configuration pattern of: postfix with TLS virtual email acocunts postfixadmin database courier imap with SSL. What was needed is that clients be able …

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