Note to self: configuring extra IP routes on a BiPAC 5200S RD ADSL2+ modem

This post is a sort of a “memo to self”, so I don’t have to look too far for a solution next time I need to do this.

Sometimes one needs to add extra routes to the modem via the command line. The Billion modems have a relatively arcane command line interface built into them. It is not nice, and documentation for several models appears to be very, very bad to non-existent

Here is a lesson from work with the BiPAC5200RS ADSL2+  modem:

  • Syntax to add a route is : “ip route add <destination>/<netmask bits> <gateway> <metric>”
    • e.g. : biPac5200> ip route add 1
      • Note 1:  metric value is optional.
      • Note 2:  gateway address is assumed to be /32 address.


  • Syntax to drop a route is: “ip route drop <destination>/<netmask bits> “
    • e.g. : biPac5200> ip route drop

Yes, this particular modem is a a very simple beast, and I could get a better one. However  all that I want any ADSL router to do, is to shuffle packets between the ethernet interface and the PPPOE Bridge (aka  RCF1483 bridge).  Real work or filtering and routing is done by my dedicated firewall device.

Since that is all I require,  and this little box does it, and does it well, it is hard to beat when the price tag is circa 25 or 30 AUD.

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