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Mr Whiskers

Somewhere in (or under) the warehouses, slums and tenements of the Long Shore there lives a certain “Mr Whiskers”. He is a quiet and retiring individual, who has given much time to study and experimentation. When out and about town, Mr Whiskers tends to do so at night, hiding his features deep in folds of …

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A new game after all

So those of you who saw/read this post about RP gaming, might remember mentions of DnD 4e. After a few sessions turned out that while enjoyable, the game mechanics really annoyed the DM… So we are of to try the Pathfinder system instead. Will keep you posted on who things work out

Second Chronicles of the Silver Egg

The “old crew” have gathered for a new run of games. This weekend we are going for a second session after nearly 15 year break… Game is DnD 4e – and it is called “Second Chronicles of the Silver Egg”. So far, I enjoyed it. DM is good. The group is good and we are …

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