Mr Whiskers

Somewhere in (or under) the warehouses, slums and tenements of the Long Shore there lives a certain “Mr Whiskers”.

He is a quiet and retiring individual, who has given much time to study and experimentation. When out and about town, Mr Whiskers tends to do so at night, hiding his features deep in folds of a cloak. There are a couple of locations where he can be found, and it is there he provides no-questions asked or answered access to various trade goods, legal and illegal, as well as to healing and magics. These back-alley clinics cater to (some) of the needs of Long Shore under-class, underworld and even more desperate of the wealthier people. By large those who come to see Mr Whiskers are those who can’t go elsewhere or who are in need of a “special” service that has to be completely “off the books”.

The fact he is tolerated by the underworld and the gangs in the slums, is due to the fact that he provides affordable and discreet services to all factions who seek his expertise.

Mr Whiskers is known to frequent The Blistering Barnacle, and may be reached (for a small fee) if one leaves a message there with the bar staff.

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