Home Affairs – more bamboo. More works

More bamboo on its way.

This time it is two sheets of 2440x1220x40mm laminate. The intended use if for benchtops in various places.

I will the progress (with piccies) as things get done.

The overall programme of works is as follows (in vague order):

  • Build plinths and move existing pantry cupboard around into final location.
  • Install dishwasher, cupboards and the benchtops.
  • Install another kitchen wall cupboard and build microwave stand (its a large microwave/griller oven)
  • Install clothes drier vent
  • Install cat flap into laundry door (so that we can close off laundry from rest of house)
  • Tile kitchen and dining room floor
  • Fix vanity in bathroom and mount wall cupboards
  • finish unpacking books and other boxes
  • Build a coffee table and more bookshelves for loungeroom
  • Rebuild laundry linen press. Current one is functional but really leaves a *LOT* to be desired.

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