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Laundry rebuild part 1

A part the laundry rebuild report – mostly for the pictures.. Ceiling                   Floor

The updated coffee bench surface

New coffee bench surface In the last two weeks I have fixed up the coffee making bench with a new file surface… Here is some pictures of the process and of the final product. Overall I am very happy with the results, and the bench actually looks good and is very usable:

The keg of true soltice cheer…

I have found a 5 litre Keg of true solstice cheer: This is the “Jolly Miller” from the Gundaroo Cider Company… I am looking forward to this

Home Affairs – more bamboo. More works

More bamboo on its way. This time it is two sheets of 2440x1220x40mm laminate. The intended use if for benchtops in various places. I will the progress (with piccies) as things get done. The overall programme of works is as follows (in vague order): Build plinths and move existing pantry cupboard around into final location. …

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fully moved

Fully moved into new abode. and it is very nice to know there is not much left to do on the other place. All of the stuff is still in various states of being packed up and being sorted. Cats are coping well with the new kingdom, spending most of the time under my bed. …

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packing and waiting (2)

Yesterday was an “entertaining” day. In the morning morning everything looked like settlement was going on be on time. Everything is ready on my side of the fence. Around lunchtime, we discovered that the sellers bank was not ready to settle. That kinda threw spanner into the works. Around 4 PM we have sorted out …

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packing and waiting (1)

packing and waiting for the solicitors to finalise the transaction. and in the meantime – more packing.

I have bought a house

I have bought a house. That is all for now.

The BBQ Stand

newly constructed bbq stand.