packing and waiting (2)

Yesterday was an “entertaining” day.

  • In the morning morning everything looked like settlement was going on be on time. Everything is ready on my side of the fence.
  • Around lunchtime, we discovered that the sellers bank was not ready to settle. That kinda threw spanner into the works.
  • Around 4 PM we have sorted out the issue in as much as I now have a legal right to enter and occupy the new place (rent free pending the settlement), so I can move in, and close out the current lease in an orderly fashion.

To add to amusements for the day just on lunchtime I took delivery of just over 60m2 of flooring and underlay, that I had to find secure storage for… for those who have never seen floorboards before they are installed – thats about a 3/4 of a pallet load worth of stuff…

All that got sorted out, but on top of the day job, it chewed up a LOT of time and energy.

We’ll see how quickly the seller and their solicitor can get their bank to the table. I want this thing done and dusted so that I can begin the real work that is associated with this move. I know the sellers want this done ASAP as well. In the end its a bank that is being the slow party.

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