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The BBQ Stand

newly constructed bbq stand.

Sysadmin: authenticated email submission

Recently I had the need to configure secure authenticated email submission on one of the systems I look after. Currently I look after a number of email servers that follow the standard configuration pattern of: postfix with TLS virtual email acocunts postfixadmin database courier imap with SSL. What was needed is that clients be able …

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a nice surprise from

The nice folk at  sent me this email: “To kickstart your Christmas mission of reminding friends, family and devoted fans about your excellent work, we have made a magic voucher that will take 15% off your work, and your work only. There really hasn’t been a better time to find a digital soapbox and …

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Calendar for 2011

I have been uploading photographs to for several months now. Recently I have decided to use their facilities to publish a 2011 wall calendar with sunset pictures as the main theme.  I now have several printed copies in my hands and I am impressed with the look, and with the quality of the print …

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I got the domain name some time ago with the intention of running a blog/personal website that would serve as a space for me to talk about me and the kind of things I do, and the things I care about. However over the years there was always something that got in the way, …

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