FastCGI, PHP5 and apache2 mpm worker server

So today I have decided to transition the WordPress sites to a new combination of mod_fcgid, apache2-mpm-worker.

I want to see how well it behaves with wordpress, as I have had some issues with server dying under load…

Second Chronicles of the Silver Egg

The “old crew” have gathered for a new run of games. This weekend we are going for a second session after nearly 15 year break…

Game is DnD 4e – and it is called “Second Chronicles of the Silver Egg”.

So far, I enjoyed it. DM is good. The group is good and we are learning the system as we go.

The party is making good progress but I am aware of some of the some skill limitations of the characters which are becoming obvious. Then again, we are still a lvl 1 group.

We’ll see how the next session goes. I am tempted to post the “diary” of Theren “da Gobbo” the Green both here and to LJ just to keep track of the game.

Home Affairs – more bamboo. More works

More bamboo on its way.

This time it is two sheets of 2440x1220x40mm laminate. The intended use if for benchtops in various places.

I will the progress (with piccies) as things get done.

The overall programme of works is as follows (in vague order):

  • Build plinths and move existing pantry cupboard around into final location.
  • Install dishwasher, cupboards and the benchtops.
  • Install another kitchen wall cupboard and build microwave stand (its a large microwave/griller oven)
  • Install clothes drier vent
  • Install cat flap into laundry door (so that we can close off laundry from rest of house)
  • Tile kitchen and dining room floor
  • Fix vanity in bathroom and mount wall cupboards
  • finish unpacking books and other boxes
  • Build a coffee table and more bookshelves for loungeroom
  • Rebuild laundry linen press. Current one is functional but really leaves a *LOT* to be desired.

fully moved

Fully moved into new abode. and it is very nice to know there is not much left to do on the other place.

All of the stuff is still in various states of being packed up and being sorted.

Cats are coping well with the new kingdom, spending most of the time under my bed.

The settlement now booked in for Tue, 21 June – the day of the winter solstice. I hope nothing goes awry, and I don’t have to serve nasty notices…

packing and waiting (2)

Yesterday was an “entertaining” day.

  • In the morning morning everything looked like settlement was going on be on time. Everything is ready on my side of the fence.
  • Around lunchtime, we discovered that the sellers bank was not ready to settle. That kinda threw spanner into the works.
  • Around 4 PM we have sorted out the issue in as much as I now have a legal right to enter and occupy the new place (rent free pending the settlement), so I can move in, and close out the current lease in an orderly fashion.

To add to amusements for the day just on lunchtime I took delivery of just over 60m2 of flooring and underlay, that I had to find secure storage for… for those who have never seen floorboards before they are installed – thats about a 3/4 of a pallet load worth of stuff…

All that got sorted out, but on top of the day job, it chewed up a LOT of time and energy.

We’ll see how quickly the seller and their solicitor can get their bank to the table. I want this thing done and dusted so that I can begin the real work that is associated with this move. I know the sellers want this done ASAP as well. In the end its a bank that is being the slow party.

packing and waiting (1)

packing and
waiting for the solicitors to finalise the transaction.
and in the meantime – more packing.

I have bought a house

I have bought a house. That is all for now.

An observation on chnage

all things fall under the law of change.
they all pass, like morning dew in full sun,
the clap of thunder or the call of the heron
over the lakes

Research – for the win.

A spot of research can help to solve any number of problems.

In this particular instance the new AAF website was having issues with the newsletter generator. It seems to be crashing when it was trying to manage the subscriber list.

However a quick bug report and a spot of reading of the bug history led me to a solution that, for now, appears to be a suitable workaround for the problem: disable two other components that are shipped by default, and the conflict is gone.

As a bonus I now know who the developers fr this product are and how to get in touch with them…

The new plugin

In order to make my life easier, I have decided that automation is the best solution is to automate the process of exporting blog posts from my private WordPress and into my LiveJournal and eventually, I think, also to the (evil) facebook.

Well, lets see how well this works… and if people can comment…